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Wisconsin Swiss 2011

Posted on June 13th, 2011 by Mark "Spike" Liu

Wisconsin Swiss in Madison, WI will be the first tournament to use Leaguevine's scheduler and score reporting to fully manage the tournament. Several tournaments have used it in the past as an aid, but Chris "Bus" Olig of Midwest Ultimate is the first to use its full functionality. By using this innovative score reporting system, absolutely everything will be taken care of using smartphones!

For players/captains/coaches, this means you will never have to walk back to tournament central to report scores. All of the score reporting will be done on your smartphone, and you will be expected to update the scores of your games multiple times per game. To update a score on your smartphone, visit, create an account, and simply find and update your game. Leaguevine Mobile is a simple web application that runs in your browser and thus you do not need to download anything. As you and others update scores, you'll be able to see the live results coming in from other fields. Your schedule is posted on as well. Because each round depends on the previous round's results, the schedule for the next round will be posted 10 minutes before game time. Leaguevine Mobile will work on almost any smartphone from mid 2009 or later. If no one on your team has a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Palm Pixie, Blackberry 6, Windows Mobile 7), please stop by tournament central before games start and we will find a solution for you.

For the tournament directors, this means they will never have to input any scores. Scheduling will be as easy as clicking "Add a round" once each round completes. 

The Wisconsin Swiss tournament format uses 5 rounds of a Swiss format then has bracket play with the seedings for the brackets determined by the Swiss games. The format is inspired by the popular Windmill Windup Tournament and the specifics for the Wisconsin Swiss Saturday scheduling can be seen on the Standings page. Players/captains/coaches do not need to know how the scheduling works because we will generate it automatically for you, but the information is there if you are curious. 

Here is the tournament format specific to Wisconsin Swiss:
  • All games to 13, win by 2.
  • Each team has one time out per half as well as a floater.
  • Games last 90 minutes, with 1 hour and 45 minutes between start times. Games will begin at 9:00, 10:45, 12:30, and 2:15 on both days.
  • The Soft cap is at 80 minutes and the hard cap is at 90.
  • Schedules for each round of play will be posted 5 minutes after all teams have submitted their scores. Because generating schedules relies on teams entering scores, please enter your scores as often as possible (preferably each point) at and once a game is done, check the "Final Score" box when you submit it.
  • There will be 5 rounds of Swiss play. Four will take place on Saturday and the final round of Swiss play will take place on Sunday.
  • The teams ranked 1-8 after Swiss play will move onto the Swiss Bracket (1st place).
  • The teams ranked 9-16 after Swiss play will move onto the Sharp Cheddar Bracket (9th place).
  • The teams ranked 17-24 after Swiss play will move onto the Mild Cheddar Bracket (17th place).
  • The teams ranked 25-32 after Swiss play will move onto the Aged Cheddar Bracket (25th place).
  • Winners of each bracket will receive a wheel of cheese. The top three teams in the tournament will receive monetary prizes.
  • The schedule is located here:
If you are attending the tournament, we hope you enjoy this swiss format and the mobile score reporting! Please let us know what you think. 

College Nationals - I'll be There!

Posted on May 23rd, 2011 by Mark "Spike" Liu
I am extremely excited to see Leaguevine in action this weekend at College Nationals. This is always the most exciting tournament of the year and there are always a ton of fans who are avidly broadcasting updates from the fields. I decided today that I'll be one of them, and will be making the 15 hour drive out to Boulder, CO with a few Madison friends!

The biggest difference between the Leaguevine experience for this College Nationals versus last fall's Club Nationals will be the impact of Leaguevine Mobile. Over the past few months, I've been building and revising the Leaguevine Mobile web application based on both user feedback and my personal experience. Now, instead of a team or spectator needing to spend so much time and effort typing in the team names and scores of the teams playing, they can instead just use Leaguevine Mobile to generate these tweets automatically. The score can be changed with just a couple quick taps, and the user can focus more energy on actually describing what happened.

Based on the positive feedback I received from some new users during the Regional tournaments, I believe Leaguevine Mobile is ready to take on a larger workload at Nationals. I will be walking around the fields and talking to spectators to get more feedback on how they are enjoying the experience. I'm going to work my hardest to ensure that the folks following along at home can receive the best possible updates.

I've talked with many of you users over email and phone over the past several months, and am really looking forward to finally putting some faces to names. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you'd like to let me know you're also going to be at Nationals. I'd love to meet up with you and hear your feedback or simply hang out!


Leaguevine Mobile

Posted on March 17th, 2011 by Mark "Spike" Liu
Leaguevine has gone mobile! We've made it as easy as possible to send and receive score updates using your smartphone. Just visit in any mobile browser.

To kick things off, two large Ultimate tournaments this weekend will be using Leaguevine Mobile for their score reporting. You can follow along with the live updates from Easterns or Steakfest either from your home browser or from Leaguevine Mobile. If the players at this tournament actively report their updates (and we really hope they do!) then we could see some of the best and most easily available Ultimate updates ever. Many of you players and tournament directors have been calling for a Mobile app to take care of this real time reporting, so we hope that Leaguevine Mobile lives up to your expectations!

So, what exactly does Leaguevine Mobile do? We have a bunch of information on our site at but the best way to learn about its capabilities is just to play with it yourself. Even if you do not currently have a smart phone, you can still visit it in a regular web browser and get the same experience. Basically, the web app allows you to update game scores, and since Leaguevine and Leaguevine Mobile are synced, everyone at home or at the fields will see your update immediately. Further, you can optionally have these updates posted to Twitter so you can kill two birds with one stone - reporting official score updates, and informing your fans.

If you would like to have this kind of functionality at your next tournament, you are free to create an account on and simply enter the team and game information for your tournament. It takes just a few minutes and will allow all of the players at your tournament to have access to real time score updates from all the fields, assuming you tell other teams to use it too.

We hope you enjoy this major addition to Leaguevine and please tell your friends about it!