Leaguevine FAQ

Do I need an account to use Leaguevine?

Anyone with a link to a certain team, tournament, game or player is allowed to view the content on Leaguevine even if they do not have an account. However, the browsing experience for an unauthenticated user is not nearly as nice, so we highly recommend you create an account. We customize your homepage with game scores and updates from just the teams and players you care about. Without logging in, you will have to hunt this information down every time.

Can I use Leaguevine even if I'm not a captain or admin?

Of course. We built Leaguevine to be player-centric, so absolutely anyone (even parents or friends) can join the community and immediately start getting real-time updates from teams and players they care about. If you don't want to just follow others, you can create teams, set rosters, and enter results as soon as you create your account.

How do I take stats?

(Taken from the About page) Just create an account, add any teams, rosters, and games you wish to record stats for, and then take stats from your smartphone at the fields by visiting ultistats.leaguevine.com in your phone's browser. As you record what happens, stats will show up automatically on our website so you will always have a history of what happened. If you realize later that you messed something up, feel free to edit the play-by-play. At the moment, this only works for Ultimate Frisbee, but we are building similar functionality for other sports.

I'm an tournament director. How do I use Leaguevine for my tournament?

If you're a TD we hope to not only make your life easier, but add value to your tournament so people will come back. We care a lot about tournament directing and realize you are the driving force behind amateur sports.

To make your life easier, we've built some battle-tested scheduling tools for creating pools and brackets. We've detailed the steps for running your tournament through Leaguevine in our Tournament Director FAQ.

I'm a league manager. How do I use Leaguevine for my league?

In our league navigation menu, you can choose your sport and create your league through our forms. We realize a lot of work goes into managing any league and because no two leagues have the exact same needs, we would be happy to chat with you about how we can help. Please email Mark at mark@leaguevine.com to discuss how we can work together.

How does the Twitter integration work?

Anyone can use Leaguevine and you don't need a twitter account. If you do have a Twitter account, though, or know a player/team that has one, you can add that Twitter account to a tournament, team, or game, and all of that account's Tweets will show up in the right place on the site automatically. We strongly believe in real-time updates, and since many people already use Twitter, we support this type of update as well.

If you don't use Twitter, you can still provide equal (if not better) updates by just going to m.leaguevine.com in your smartphone browser.

I added my Twitter account, but my tweets are not showing up

Check to make sure the Twitter account Tweets are not protected. We value privacy, and therefore will only show tweets from accounts who have marked their Tweets as public.

How much does it cost?

Everything you see on the site now is free. We may release additional paid features in the future, but the features you see now will remain free.

When I create a pool, how does Leaguevine know how to set the matchups automatically?

Leaguevine guesses the order and timing of the matchups based on sensible defaults. If you don't want to use this format, you can click on a game after the pool is created and edit the matchup and/or the time of it.