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Ultitrax™ Unveils New Leaguevine Data Connector!

Posted on March 26th, 2013 by Mark "Spike" Liu

This is a guest post by Scott Blankenburg. Scott is an Ultimate player, software developer, and the creator of Ultitrax™.

How does this affect the Leaguevine Community?

In short, Ultitrax™ provides organizers with a user-friendly way to create and manage Leaguevine game schedules!  Simply visit, answer four questions about your league's structure, and Ultitrax™ will automatically generate a Round Robin game schedule that can be exported to (and synchronized with) Leaguevine.  From this point on, all schedule, field, team, player, and score changes made via Ultitrax™ will be automatically replicated in Leaguevine!

What is Ultitrax™?

Ultitrax™ is a free sports management solution that allows organizers to schedule and add interactive scorekeeping to any website or Facebook™ Community in five minutes.  Learn more about the many great features of Ultitrax™ at

Origins of Ultitrax™

Ultitrax™ was created by Ultimate player and avid organizer Scott Blankenburg.  In the late 1970s, Scott was introduced to (and hooked upon) a then-unheard-of sport called "Ultimate." By the early 90s, he was captaining his college Ultimate team at the University of Miami where he majored in Computer Information Systems.  By the mid-90s, Scott founded the Connecticut Ultimate Club (CUC) --a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of Ultimate in Connecticut.

While running the CUC, Scott developed several innovative league management tools including a popular software application called "Ultimeet" which integrated Friendster-like player profiles with sports management websites.  When Facebook™ exploded onto the scene, in the mid-2000s, Scott took the concept of Ultimeet to the next level by creating Ultitrax™ --the world's first free, professional-quality, cloud-based, Facebook™-integrated, end-to-end league/tournament scheduling and scorekeeping solution.

True to the "Spirit of the Game" (a code of  sportsmanship unique to the Ultimate community), Ultitrax™ is offered completely free of charge for all to enjoy!