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New Feature: Can add links to tournaments or teams

Posted on October 27th, 2010 by Mark "Spike" Liu
Users on Leaguevine now have the ability to add links to tournaments or teams! Each link can be specified as a certain type, such as 'tournament preview', 'photo album', 'team website', etc. When you are browsing tournaments or teams, you will find links associated with them. These links will also show up in other places you might expect, such as the homepage.

There are several motivations for this addition:

  1. This was the #1 feature request since the site launched last Thursday. Hardly anyone is using Leaguevine's feedback area, but plenty of users have been emailing me with requests like this! 
  2. Links on Leaguevine will be beneficial to people who want more exposure on their sites. Bloggers, Photographers, Webmasters or whoever wants to drive traffic to their site can add their url on Leaguevine and that link will show up in multiple places on the site and remain there indefinitely. I'm guessing this was the reason why it was the number 1 feature request. :)
  3. Leaguevine becomes a lot more useful as an information aggregator because now users can find more information about their teams or tournaments easier.
  4. It gives the non-twitter users more opportunities to contribute relevant information, which will hopefully help in building our user base.
I hope this is what you all were looking for when you requested this feature!