The Site is Almost Ready for Nationals!

Posted on October 20th, 2010 by Mark "Spike" Liu
USA Ultimate Club Nationals is coming up in a week (October 28th-31st) and Leaguevine is just about ready for it!

So far I've still only told a limited number of people about this site. Those people are my beta testers, some people from Madison, and a handful of others who have expressed interest in this project. I really want to have Leaguevine working well before I expose it to the masses, so I've taken it upon myself to actually use it a lot first. While my beta testers pointed out some problems and offered suggestions here and there, only one of them actually added significant amounts of content to the site. By adding a lot of stuff myself, I have been able to see first hand what kinds of things became repetitive or annoying. I'm just about done improving these areas, and am really excited to see what the masses think!

Along the way, I've also made several friends who will be attending nationals and are enthusiastic about providing the Ultimate community with tons of updates from Sarasota. I'll be in contact with them throughout the tournament to ensure everything is working well and that their updates reach as many people as possible. We hope we can make this tournament (along with others) extremely easy to follow from your computer at home.

Stay tuned for more updates really soon!

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