New Feature: Retweet Buttons Next to Every Tweet

Posted on October 29th, 2010 by Mark "Spike" Liu
I got a lot of good feedback from lots of people yesterday. The traffic spiked as soon as USAU Club Nationals started thanks to a lot of people spreading the word about Leaguevine. As the traffic went up, so did my list of user suggestions.

The one suggestion that I figured I could implement quickly last night was retweet buttons on every tweet. Now if you want to share a twitter update, you can just click on the "tweet" button that shows up when you hover over any tweet on Leaguevine. It'll jump to twitter for you and enter the text RT @someuser: (text of the tweet you want to retweet). Further, it'll append a link back to Leaguevine to help spread the word about the site. You are welcome to delete this link if your tweet is too long or you think it makes your tweet look ugly.

I hope this is useful to a bunch of you!


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