Day 1

Posted on August 1st, 2011 by Mark "Spike" Liu
Today is my first day of working on Leaguevine full time. I am extremely excited to take Leaguevine to a whole new level and am committed to bringing you the best possible product.

Prior to today, I had only been able to give Leaguevine my partial attention since I had school and various other commitments that took precedence. This is no longer the case, and all of my energy will now be put into Leaguevine for the foreseeable future. On top of my efforts, an extremely talented person (who I'll introduce later) will also be joining me full time in a few months. So get excited for some huge changes!

To give you a glimpse into the future, you can expect to enjoy a customized experience where you will not only be able to easily view the most relevant, interesting, and up to date information available, but also be able to engage and interact with the rest of your Leaguevine community. 
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