Easily viewing your Twitter history

Posted on August 16th, 2011 by Mark "Spike" Liu
We've gotten some requests to do some more interesting things with the all of the Twitter data we've collected. I just checked, and we now have over 50,000 tweets in our database to work with! It's about time we organized these tremendous updates better.

As of today, when you click on a twitter link within Leaguevine, you will be taken to a brand new Leaguevine page just for that Twitter user. You can view what teams that account is associated with, view all of the games that this account gave updates for, and when you click on those links, you can get a timeline of only the relevant tweets for that game. Here's an example page of what I'm talking about:

With this new functionality, it is even easier to go back in time and look back at the point by point history of your favorite games. If you click on the link to look at a single game's history, you get the full Twitter feed for that whole game.

Please keep the suggestions coming!
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