iUltimate Integration

Posted on November 26th, 2012 by Mark "Spike" Liu
We are pleased to announce that the popular Ultimate Frisbee stat keeping app iUltimate now has Leaguevine integration! Right now the integration simply sends score updates back to Leaguevine, but full stats integration is coming in January 2013.

iUltimate is a native iOS application built by Jim Geppert, the dad of a couple Wisconsin Hodags. Other than its stat keeping capabilities, it is most well known for its auto-tweet feature. As a user is inputting the play-by-play for a game, the app auto-tweets what is going on during the game to a user's Twitter account. Check out @hodaglove's tweets during this game against Minnesota

This is the second stats-related app to be built on top of the Leaguevine API. The first one (and the one most of you Leaguevine users know about) was leaguevine-ultistats built by Chad Boulay. Any application is able to build on top of Leaguevine by connecting to the Leaguevine API and two more stats apps are in the process of doing this as well.

Please download iUltimate, try it at your next tournament, and take a few seconds to rate it!
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