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@nyugiboy   Sunday May 29th, 2016, 11:45 p.m. Retweet
RT @GRI_Secretariat: Who will be the biggest consumers of #sustainability info over the next 5 years? What do you think? #GRI2016 https://t…
@nyugiboy   Sunday May 29th, 2016, 11:44 p.m. Retweet
RT @MAHAMOSA: We MUST deconstruct & reconstruct our place in the world. #ecosystem #nature #environment #sustainability #gorilla https://t.…
@nyugiboy   Thursday May 26th, 2016, 10:21 p.m. Retweet
1. round Kysuce Ultimate Disc League ( Podvysoká, 7.5.2016 ) https://t.co/fj43mkQutU via @sharethis
@nyugiboy   Thursday May 26th, 2016, 9:50 p.m. Retweet
This is an actual picture of a particle collision. Kinda ridiculously awesome. https://t.co/ykYvCeRe3L
@nyugiboy   Wednesday May 25th, 2016, 10:57 p.m. Retweet
RT @ElsevierBiotech: Read the #Biotechnology Reports #specialissue on #biofuels and chemicals now! #openaccess https://t.co/86wBvtQNRX http…
@nyugiboy   Saturday May 21st, 2016, 8:55 p.m. Retweet
What are the top hobbies that make you smarter? by Julia Prescott https://t.co/tPByVatkmg
@nyugiboy   Saturday May 21st, 2016, 12:14 p.m. Retweet
#icanfrisbeeanywhere #mooveweek -https://t.co/xtD9LnXyns
@nyugiboy   Wednesday May 18th, 2016, 11:26 p.m. Retweet
Zostáva už len často kladená otázka. Ktorá hudba je naozaj elektronická? V mojom ponímaní je to každ https://t.co/yLbEznGrkm
@nyugiboy   Sunday May 15th, 2016, 7:32 p.m. Retweet
celebrating 20th anniversary of @safslovakia
@nyugiboy   Thursday May 12th, 2016, 10:41 p.m. Retweet
RT @SquiresTim: RT @uncbean101: Keep getting the "NO's" from people, you'll be thankful for it! https://t.co/p9fMp6uSLb
@nyugiboy   Monday May 9th, 2016, 9:15 a.m. Retweet
RT @CraigMFanning: "The gifts you're born with are like seeds." #conveyclearly #ItaOlsen https://t.co/ZNGrpzALtS
@nyugiboy   Monday May 2nd, 2016, 9:36 a.m. Retweet
Bibione coed challenge 2016 with @mentaldiscorder
@nyugiboy   Thursday April 7th, 2016, 10:03 p.m. Retweet
I am 【Expert (INTJ)】! What about you? https://t.co/qLHW9sgGXv #NLN
@nyugiboy   Sunday March 13th, 2016, 11:04 p.m. Retweet
Watch Rosetta, Comet Chaser https://t.co/Vg33mblaqs #curiositystream via @curiositystream
@nyugiboy   Thursday March 3rd, 2016, 8:10 p.m. Retweet
RT @LollyDaskal: RT @formidio: 10 Bad #Habits That Could Be Destroying Your Happiness @LollyDaskal https://t.co/LETpEoDJit via @Inc
@nyugiboy   Thursday March 3rd, 2016, 8:08 p.m. Retweet
RT @YoungEnt: Ever Wanted to Learn to Code? Start for Free This Weekend. https://t.co/C27iVHvB6A
@nyugiboy   Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, 5:31 a.m. Retweet
RT @LeoDiCaprio: There has never been a more critical time to listen to indigenous voices. https://t.co/dG8axCWfwz
@nyugiboy   Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, 5:30 a.m. Retweet
RT @POTUS: The science couldn't be clearer - we owe it to our kids to do everything we can to combat climate change. https://t.co/497Wkkve58
@nyugiboy   Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, 5:30 a.m. Retweet
RT @EarthVitalSigns: 2015 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began https://t.co/9vunf8vMRl #globalwarming ht…
@nyugiboy   Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, 5:29 a.m. Retweet
RT @LeoDiCaprio: 100% clean energy is possible + happening. Let’s get there faster & go 100% for 100%. https://t.co/6xMtZaMddl https://t.co…
@nyugiboy   Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, 5:29 a.m. Retweet
RT @ErnestMoniz: #CleanEnergy is cheaper than ever. That's great news for fighting #ClimateChange: https://t.co/NtzXSPaNo1 https://t.co/7fH…
@nyugiboy   Wednesday March 2nd, 2016, 5:29 a.m. Retweet
RT @LeoDiCaprio: Beyond humbled by this recognition. #TheRevenant shows the beauty of nature. Help protect it https://t.co/iGQ2c9fmEn https…
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 6:20 a.m. Retweet
RT @USATODAY: Who took home an Oscar? Here's the full winners list: https://t.co/13JFwLXDFb #Oscars
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 6:20 a.m. Retweet
RT @danbalz: In Texas, Clinton hopes to secure her fate. Good look Line Star state, via @abbydphillip https://t.co/jR09rXfjEa https://t.co…
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:43 a.m. Retweet
RT @IMDb: #LeonardoDiCaprio: "This has been my dream ever since I was 4 years old. This is a journey I'll never forget." #Oscars #IMDbOscars
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:17 a.m. Retweet
RT @USATODAY: Take a lap, Leo: DiCaprio finally gets his Oscar https://t.co/pqu1NA3WSW https://t.co/qYKtCziMyL
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:17 a.m. Retweet
RT @HashTagDetroit1: Atta boy Leo! #Oscars https://t.co/o6vDV4cHFd
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:16 a.m. Retweet
RT @washingtonpost: "Spotlight," "The Revenant," "Mad Max" and more — see all Oscars 2016 winners list here: https://t.co/Zc0lA8vfgg https:…
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:16 a.m. Retweet
RT @nytimes: Here's a full list of the 2016 Oscar winners https://t.co/u2kGOV6kNd https://t.co/MNHdoJOzW3
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:16 a.m. Retweet
RT @GeorgeTakei: Leonard Nimoy was much more than his beloved Spock persona. https://t.co/5x3shse0FG
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:15 a.m. Retweet
RT @GazetaRu: «В центре внимания» получил «Оскар» за лучший фильм https://t.co/CMC050lUi9 https://t.co/MyibweTl1x
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:15 a.m. Retweet
RT @Newsweek: Leonardo DiCaprio finally won Best Actor—and made a political statement https://t.co/vz7Qyrmt8n https://t.co/Se7tM4Scmh
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:15 a.m. Retweet
RT @NME: Oscars 2016: Stallone's shock loss and 5 other talking points from this year's winners list https://t.co/UBmNijIbzo https://t.co/n…
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:14 a.m. Retweet
RT @tvTA3: Leonardo DiCaprio získal Oscara, najlepším filmom sa stal Spotlight. https://t.co/2Ej2KOOSZr
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:14 a.m. Retweet
RT @BuzzFeed: Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a goddamn Oscar https://t.co/VPSOhdAh9d https://t.co/JhO44Helaq
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:07 a.m. Retweet
RT @SuperheroSteel: Already!!! 😂 Leo Dicaprio Celebrates his win: Best Actor #Oscars https://t.co/y16KjUVlag
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 5:07 a.m. Retweet
RT @Forbes: And the #Oscars went to... See the full list of winners: https://t.co/J759zU22LU https://t.co/M94RPobGJg
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 4:46 a.m. Retweet
RT @WSJ: Alejandro González Iñárritu wins best director for "The Revenant" https://t.co/RkuzNutsC8 #Oscars
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 4:45 a.m. Retweet
RT @YahooMovies: Just a friendly reminder! 89 years later, only one woman has ever won Best Director at the #Oscars. https://t.co/8ppN9ZaWey
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 4:43 a.m. Retweet
RT @Newsweek: “Leo, you are The Revenant.” Alejandro Iñárritu wins Best Director for 'The Revenant' https://t.co/1KDV0Y3l2D https://t.co/4q…
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 4:24 a.m. Retweet
#oscars Ennio Morricone well deserved
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 4:19 a.m. Retweet
RT @PacSun: Powerful Message. Powerful Performance. @ladygaga #Oscars https://t.co/jbbfITOt78
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 3:22 a.m. Retweet
RT @chrisrock: Three the hard way #oscars https://t.co/MjVvXNOKnY
@nyugiboy   Monday February 29th, 2016, 1:49 a.m. Retweet
RT @drupal: Tonight the eyes of the world are on the Oscars Awards https://t.co/Zwy5lgVUly and their #Drupal powered web site https://t.co/…
@nyugiboy   Saturday February 27th, 2016, 6:06 p.m. Retweet
RT @Alis_DM: 4 Tips For Protecting Your Online Reputation https://t.co/mcrGm7Jpy4 #Brand #Business
@nyugiboy   Saturday February 27th, 2016, 5:31 p.m. Retweet
#breathtaking #ted #autonomousdrones #AI - https://t.co/1xLkKnfztj
@nyugiboy   Saturday February 20th, 2016, 10:54 p.m. Retweet
East #Wisconsin loop stop no. 1#Greenbay #Packers stadium https://t.co/t3O4Mk9XLE
@nyugiboy   Monday February 8th, 2016, 6:06 a.m. Retweet
todays view from the top of the Willis Tower! #willistower #chicago https://t.co/JDrwciZvX9
@nyugiboy   Thursday February 4th, 2016, 1:05 a.m. Retweet
Blowout11 is filling up fast! please register via https://t.co/k1ysgucG3J cant wait! #frisbee #fun #Blwt #ultimate @mentaldiscorder are on!
@nyugiboy   Tuesday January 26th, 2016, 4:25 a.m. Retweet
‘BEAT DETECTIVES - THERE IS A PLACE U GO (SILK059)’ by 100% Silk on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/NLodN1OdfP
@nyugiboy   Thursday January 21st, 2016, 5:18 a.m. Retweet
RT @ConveyClearly: What Crimes are Getting you Interrupted, Micromanaged & Ignored? https://t.co/PRZMDdqsra https://t.co/TQLZAyE7c6
@nyugiboy   Sunday January 17th, 2016, 7:07 a.m. Retweet
RT @FindAllMovies: I Speak Fluently in Movie Quotes and Sarcasm 15 Oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug https://t.co/e3hzQ7F5XX https://t.co/sIPcj…
@nyugiboy   Sunday January 17th, 2016, 7:00 a.m. Retweet
RT @UPROXX: Watch the crazy Hail Mary TD that sent the Packers-Cardinals game to OT. https://t.co/AnfdA2OGrP https://t.co/3Hg1dq6KLd
@nyugiboy   Saturday January 16th, 2016, 2:42 a.m. Retweet
RT @drupal: Happy birthday, Drupal! 2015 saw many incredible accomplishments. This year expect more! https://t.co/9eGNxnYfWl https://t.co/X…
@nyugiboy   Thursday January 14th, 2016, 4:15 a.m. Retweet
Three Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence https://t.co/a7HDrJE1SM
@nyugiboy   Thursday January 14th, 2016, 4:13 a.m. Retweet
9 Game-Changing Inventions You Missed in 2015 https://t.co/iXxLUIKFWT
@nyugiboy   Thursday January 14th, 2016, 4:03 a.m. Retweet
What Makes Bill Gates So Successful? 7 Key Habits, Practices and Experiences https://t.co/Q6DlyIGzu9
@nyugiboy   Thursday January 14th, 2016, 3:48 a.m. Retweet
Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you time. https://t.co/IqdlIzwrUJ
@nyugiboy   Thursday January 14th, 2016, 1:16 a.m. Retweet
RT @911well: Integrity is everything .. #integrity #mindfulness https://t.co/7JcaaxYPb4
@nyugiboy   Tuesday January 12th, 2016, 5:19 a.m. Retweet
Peter Komorník zo Sli.do: „Čo si najviac vážim na slovenských vývojároch je to, že dokážu kriticky rozmýšľať“ https://t.co/82OzdTXowa
@nyugiboy   Tuesday January 12th, 2016, 5:17 a.m. Retweet
Gen Next is Hiring for a Communications Ninja-- Know Anybody!? https://t.co/hqVJktvyOU
@nyugiboy   Saturday January 9th, 2016, 11:12 p.m. Retweet
RT @HolidayInnMKE: Join us for our #FridayFishFry at The Anchorage! Reserve your table! http://t.co/e3VPRA0rcc http://t.co/VQoypo2Ii8
@nyugiboy   Friday January 8th, 2016, 5:32 a.m. Retweet
koho vsetkeho dokazete spojit?
@nyugiboy   Friday January 8th, 2016, 5:18 a.m. Retweet
the world would rather hug you than hurt you #love #loveisuniversum
@nyugiboy   Saturday January 2nd, 2016, 3:05 p.m. Retweet
600 followers!!! wow thanks
@nyugiboy   Wednesday December 30th, 2015, 3:36 a.m. Retweet
RT @82Kubrikova: Hydroponic Garden Timelapse - Three months worth of timelapse photos of the hydroponic garden in the basement. ... https:/…
@nyugiboy   Friday December 25th, 2015, 10:10 p.m. Retweet
RT @Addictd2Success: 6 Lessons of Success We Can All Learn from Dale Carnegie https://t.co/0Fmnw06K1F https://t.co/sk4BjNgTld
@nyugiboy   Friday December 25th, 2015, 10:09 p.m. Retweet
RT @Forbes: Sometimes two galaxies find each other and merge. The visual results are breathtaking: https://t.co/YLT9eW944n https://t.co/COe…
@nyugiboy   Thursday December 24th, 2015, 5:55 p.m. Retweet
RT @Lov3rzWorldwide: #LOV3RZ™ #Magazine #Mission Change the world by focusing on #LOV3 #God #Peace #Positivity https://t.co/3LWLV8fjle http…
@nyugiboy   Thursday December 24th, 2015, 12:36 p.m. Retweet
#christmas with #comonsense think for a while what was sacrifased - https://t.co/3rMa34Wk2A
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