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@ElevateUltimate   Friday May 20th, 2022, 2:59 a.m. Retweet
I did not get a photo of it but there WAS a beautiful sunset tonight I just knew it https://t.co/6ATlXKccSG
@ElevateUltimate   Friday May 20th, 2022, 2:46 a.m. Retweet
It was great to see everyone's beautiful faces today! Our next tryout is Sunday @ 10am @ Wash Park, fill out the RS… https://t.co/sEnhi678eS
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday May 19th, 2022, 2:23 p.m. Retweet
On Thursday nights, we practice on the north side of Wash Park. We recommend parking in this lot off of Payne Dr an… https://t.co/8X6zxCbKBW
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday May 19th, 2022, 2:19 p.m. Retweet
Today is our first tryout, it's not like we are HYPER EXCITED OR ANYTHING!!!! SEE YOU OUT THEREEEEEEEEEEE
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday May 19th, 2022, 3:10 a.m. Retweet
Coming to our tryout tomorrow? You might see a cool Wash Park sunset like this one! Or not. Who knows! But I do kn… https://t.co/XSGa9kyQNC
@ElevateUltimate   Wednesday May 18th, 2022, 8:36 p.m. Retweet
@ultimatechicago @Dish_Ultimate @JabbaChi @ChicagoNemesis @stackcatsulti @RAMP_ultimate @stripesultimate @machineultimate @tridentulti
@ElevateUltimate   Wednesday May 18th, 2022, 8:33 p.m. Retweet
Memorizing all the different club team tryout schedules got you down? Don't worry, Ultimate Chicago has your back!… https://t.co/3002Lg3ng6
@ElevateUltimate   Tuesday May 17th, 2022, 4:21 p.m. Retweet
Want to be a part of this crazy family? Come to tryouts this Thursday @ 6:30pm @ Wash Park! https://t.co/SXQem3U3YV
@ElevateUltimate   Monday May 16th, 2022, 7:39 p.m. Retweet
Please fill out our RSVP form so we know who to expect at which tryouts, and can contact trace if needed:… https://t.co/F4FTwBQ5pp
@ElevateUltimate   Monday May 16th, 2022, 7:38 p.m. Retweet
THE ELEVATE TRYOUT SCHEDULE IS HEREEEEE and it looks like Thursday Sunday Thursday Sunday Thursday, starting THIS T… https://t.co/b6ufoydTH8
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday May 15th, 2022, 1:09 p.m. Retweet
Happy second combine day to all who celebrate! @stackcatsulti @JabbaChi @ParlayUltimate
@ElevateUltimate   Friday May 13th, 2022, 2:32 a.m. Retweet
Our captains had a great time meeting everyone at combine tonight! Weren't able to make it? No worries! There's an… https://t.co/HBDH0y8vfr
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday May 12th, 2022, 4:27 p.m. Retweet
ITS COMBINE DAYYYY can't wait to meet you all!! https://t.co/sCuh5YcTSM
@ElevateUltimate   Wednesday May 11th, 2022, 9:30 p.m. Retweet
One day until combine option #1! 😮😮😮 Miraculously, the weather is looking gorgeous! Make sure to sign up on the… https://t.co/twAHS3hL23
@ElevateUltimate   Monday May 2nd, 2022, 1:21 a.m. Retweet
Looking to play fun and competitive ultimate with great friends on a team dedicated to sharpening your skills and g… https://t.co/1N67okHpdE
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday May 1st, 2022, 1:28 p.m. Retweet
Hello future ELevators! It is May which means it's combine month! Fill out the form in our bio to come play with an… https://t.co/oQjHMTFsSo
@ElevateUltimate   Friday April 15th, 2022, 2:51 p.m. Retweet
The second combine option is EXACTLY 1 MONTH AWAY so you better fill out the form asappppp https://t.co/HYULitKpFc
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday April 7th, 2022, 8:20 p.m. Retweet
Your ELevate night owls are back for another amazing season of club ultimate! Want to join us? Make sure to fill ou… https://t.co/kjyn5VcaTF
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday April 7th, 2022, 8:20 p.m. Retweet
There are 2 combine options; if you can't attend either, please still fill out the form so we have your info: 1. Th… https://t.co/PCoS7tzuMe
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday March 20th, 2022, 4:34 a.m. Retweet
Our new captain @akowalz did many pull ups but I was too slow pulling my phone out so you will just have to take my… https://t.co/j1LUGNIuDW
@ElevateUltimate   Friday March 18th, 2022, 7:12 p.m. Retweet
@Mle_LotRlvr @akowalz @will_hsieh1
@ElevateUltimate   Friday March 18th, 2022, 6:47 p.m. Retweet
@Mle_LotRlvr @akowalz @YupThereIsAWill
@ElevateUltimate   Friday March 18th, 2022, 6:44 p.m. Retweet
🚨 ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 We are excited to announce the captains for ELevate 2022: Will Hsieh, Emily Williams, and Alex Ko… https://t.co/kFoRmQ99a2
@ElevateUltimate   Friday December 17th, 2021, 11:44 p.m. Retweet
We’re just going to put it out there that @uchi_supernova can dark horse this whole tournament. Let’s go Chicago! ✨
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday November 7th, 2021, 9:09 p.m. Retweet
So proud of all of the ELevate ladies headed to NATTIES! Way to crush it @uchi_supernova 🎉 https://t.co/9HS6REhT8E
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday November 7th, 2021, 9:07 p.m. Retweet
RT @uchi_supernova: SAY HELLO TO YOUR 2021 GREAT LAKES REGION CHAMPS. SEE YOU IN CALI https://t.co/5Ba03qdUIK
@ElevateUltimate   Monday October 25th, 2021, 2:59 p.m. Retweet
While natties may have distracted many of us, we’re so proud of all of our youths for crushing it at college sectio… https://t.co/50hE1Ewnan
@ElevateUltimate   Monday October 25th, 2021, 2:42 p.m. Retweet
While natties may have distracted us, we’re so proud of all of our youths who crushed it at college conferences thi… https://t.co/SVyL5AMyM5
@ElevateUltimate   Thursday October 21st, 2021, 3:28 a.m. Retweet
Good luck at Natties @ChicagoNemesis and @machineultimate Show them how Chicago shows up!
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 8:20 p.m. Retweet
So proud of this team! We broke seed by two spots to place 10th at regionals! https://t.co/OoSgCmHHpe
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 6:16 p.m. Retweet
Toast wins 8-11, great game @toastultimate
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 6:02 p.m. Retweet
Elliot scores! 8:10 game to 11
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 5:48 p.m. Retweet
Bauer with a hammer Ben!!! 7:7
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 5:43 p.m. Retweet
Elliot with a hammer to Will then to Hopps in the endzone 6:7
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 5:32 p.m. Retweet
GO LO GO LO GO LO Elliot to Lo 4:7
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 5:17 p.m. Retweet
Elevate scores! Billy to Bauer 3:5
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 4:51 p.m. Retweet
Bruno to Courtney!!! That’s a break!!! 2:0
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 4:46 p.m. Retweet
Talia scores the first point!! 1:0
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 4:45 p.m. Retweet
Day 2 of regionals 3rd game for 9th place is against Toast!
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 4:21 p.m. Retweet
ELevate wins against Jabba! 12:7
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 4:18 p.m. Retweet
Bruno to Bauer to win the game !!! 12:7
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 4:15 p.m. Retweet
John to Will 11:7 (game to 12)
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 3:58 p.m. Retweet
Elevate scored to take half 7:6 then scored again 8:6
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 3:36 p.m. Retweet
Elevate scores Tim to Will 6:4
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 3:08 p.m. Retweet
That’s a break! John to Hopps 3:1
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 3:04 p.m. Retweet
ELEVATE SCORES Bruno to Elliot 2:1
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:53 p.m. Retweet
Game two against Jabba starts NOW
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:52 p.m. Retweet
ELevate won the first game of the day against POW! 12:9
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:25 p.m. Retweet
Will hucks it to Hopps who dishied to Bayes who gave it to Talia in the endzone!!! 13:9 that’s game!!!!
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:17 p.m. Retweet
Will to Mox!!! Another break!!! I literally don’t know what else to say 12:8
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:15 p.m. Retweet
Will to Ben!!!! That’s another break ooooooooooooh 11:8 (PS games are to 13 today due to the change of fields and things)
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:11 p.m. Retweet
That’s another break!!! Will (I think) to Talia!!! 10:8
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:07 p.m. Retweet
Hard work was had by all Billy to Ben 9:8
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 2:00 p.m. Retweet
Elliot hucks it to Hopps in the endzone 8:8
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:38 p.m. Retweet
Elevate scores Courtney to Bruno to take half 7:5
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:35 p.m. Retweet
First game against pow started 35 min ago current score is 6:5 woohoo
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:25 p.m. Retweet
Hello I am awake live tweets coming soon 😅
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:06 p.m. Retweet
Live tweets will not be coming until our sideline arrives sry but rain
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:06 p.m. Retweet
FIRST up we are in the 9th place bracket playing again @POWUltimate
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:03 p.m. Retweet
HELLO a lot has happening and I think our tweeter is asleep SO to recap we are at different fields 1.5 hours away i… https://t.co/GI0srAuBC4
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 1:10 a.m. Retweet
If you like Just Dance please go find 3 friends and do the song Waka Waka… no further comment
@ElevateUltimate   Sunday October 3rd, 2021, 12:44 a.m. Retweet
Ice cream sundae bar to prep for Sunday at rageionals! https://t.co/L6MA92Vkpv
@ElevateUltimate   Saturday October 2nd, 2021, 6:06 p.m. Retweet
Nothing but a sleepy puppy at a frisbee tournament https://t.co/FncmNr4OZ6
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