Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013 - Sunday, April 28, 2013
Timezone: US/Central

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@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 10:45 p.m. Retweet
Today's "ribbon" winners! Offense: Kaylee, Sarah Defense: Ninja, Pascale "Medal of Honour": MC
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 7:57 p.m. Retweet
Crossing the border back into Canada. No hardwear, but lots of heart-wear!
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 6:14 p.m. Retweet
Amazing playing across the board. So excited for the show!!!!!
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 6:08 p.m. Retweet
Next up, Madison Wisconsin! Big wins today - so much heart, so much determination. Woop woop!
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 6:07 p.m. Retweet
Next up, Madison, WI for NATIONALS!!!! Big wins today, so much hard, so much determination!
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 3:03 p.m. Retweet
Score adjustment, 11-9. A big win to give us a spot at the big show!!!
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 2:00 p.m. Retweet
The geegees are going to nationaaaaaaaaals!!!!! 11-10 over NYU. Can i get a "whoop whoop!"?
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 11:45 a.m. Retweet
Pulled out the semi-final win over Cornell, 12-10... a VERY tight game. Finals against NYU.
@LadyGGUltimate   Sunday April 28th, 2013, 9:04 a.m. Retweet
Just took quarters over SUNY Buffalo 15-4. Semis soon!
@LadyGGUltimate   Saturday April 27th, 2013, 5:05 p.m. Retweet
Today's "ribbon" winners! Offense: Mary, Izzy Defense: Lauren, Jello "Medal of Honour": Alyssa " VC Ultimate...
@LadyGGUltimate   Saturday April 27th, 2013, 5:02 p.m. Retweet
I posted 95 photos on Facebook in the album "Metro East Regional Championships 2013"
@LadyGGUltimate   Saturday April 27th, 2013, 4:36 p.m. Retweet
Won our 3 games today. 3 more GG's coming into town tonight. 3 games tomorrow. Booyah.
@LadyGGUltimate   Saturday April 27th, 2013, 2:36 p.m. Retweet
Getting ready for tomorrow by going grocery shopping and hitting the hot tub. Dinner soon!!
@LadyGGUltimate   Saturday April 27th, 2013, 2:32 p.m. Retweet
Last game win over Hofstra 14-2. Lots of pt across the board!
@LadyGGUltimate   Saturday April 27th, 2013, 11:17 a.m. Retweet
GGs over #Syracuse 15-5, GGs over Central Connecticut State 15-3. One more pool play game this aft! #yeehaw
Tweets Before the Tournament
@LadyGGUltimate   Friday April 26th, 2013, 10:52 p.m. Retweet
All cars are in parking at the hotel, girls are in bed, and we're pumped for tomorrow's first game: whoop whoop!
@LadyGGUltimate   Friday April 26th, 2013, 12:45 p.m. Retweet
It's time for the "hay day" of old to become another dynasty... and we say, "BRING ON THE HAY"!...
@LadyGGUltimate   Friday April 26th, 2013, 10:18 a.m. Retweet
On the road to Saratoga Springs in just a few hours! Here we goooooo GeeGees!
@LadyGGUltimate   Thursday April 25th, 2013, 11:55 a.m. Retweet
Why our team loves our team: we get to share our love of ultimate together. The tournaments are very fun as well! :D #43
@LadyGGUltimate   Thursday April 25th, 2013, 11:38 a.m. Retweet
we like what we see: field food #tournamentorganizer #emailteaser mind you, these are no "accidents" @sarsinnes
@LadyGGUltimate   Thursday April 25th, 2013, 9:59 a.m. Retweet
I think this weekend is calling for some VC Ultimate Bro Tank time.......
@LadyGGUltimate   Thursday April 25th, 2013, 9:42 a.m. Retweet
Excited that, NOW, all of our athletes have finished writing their exams!!! Academic push can turn into an athletic push! #gohard or #gohome
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