4 handed. Wild as monkeys. And we paint with all the colours of the wind. Having taken off in 2009, we have been competing in Polish championships and other tournaments, both domestic and international, regularly ever since. We have played outdoor, indoor and beach ultimate in all corners of Poland, but also: Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Belgium (G-Spot) and Ireland (Golden Cup). We arrived 4th at EUCR-E Mixed 2014, 6th at Polish Mixed Championships in 2014 and 9th in 2015. We see ourselves as a thoroughly mixed team, with girls playing a crucial role on the field, but at times we also participate in open/women events. 4hands Women took 2nd place at Polish Women Championships in 2013 and were 3rd twice, in 2013 and 2016 at Józbee – the longest running Polish indoor tournament. We had our people in all Polish national teams (mixed, open and women) at European Championships 2015 in Copenhagen. We aim at improving our initial seeding and showing best spirit at all of the tournaments we attend and most of the times we succeed.

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