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@TootingTigers   Friday October 4th, 2013, 7:52 p.m. Retweet
Agm tomorrow. Check out details on Facebook. Roar
@TootingTigers   Tuesday September 24th, 2013, 5:06 p.m. Retweet
RT @Mimi_belle9: @TootingTigers players needed for short film NFA shooting this weekend 27th and 28th September. Interested and available?…
@TootingTigers   Sunday July 14th, 2013, 2:44 p.m. Retweet
And a win in baf rematch closes out the weekend. Yeah buddy!
@TootingTigers   Sunday July 14th, 2013, 10:10 a.m. Retweet
That's a 14 - 12 w over Cambridge to stay in top 8 of b tour. So clutch #UKUT3
@TootingTigers   Saturday July 13th, 2013, 9:44 p.m. Retweet
A tough day followed by too many chips and lots of laughs. Also maaark is bad at spades.
@TootingTigers   Saturday July 13th, 2013, 12:01 p.m. Retweet
Tough 14 12 loss to the brown to kick things off. Offence is looking hot #ukut3
@TootingTigers   Saturday July 13th, 2013, 5:23 a.m. Retweet
Ten tigers headed to sunny Cardiff for #ukut3
@TootingTigers   Sunday June 30th, 2013, 10:34 a.m. Retweet
Kev looking great in the masters final! #ecbu2013
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 29th, 2013, 11:39 p.m. Retweet
#ecbu2013 Go Ireland! #mix #ire
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 1st, 2013, 4:55 p.m. Retweet
And a competitive loss to bears to close out a tough day. Beers then back in the game tomorrow #ukut1
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 1st, 2013, 11:11 a.m. Retweet
Tough start to the day with losses to rebel and Devon. D line is looking hungry though #ukut1
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 1st, 2013, 11:02 a.m. Retweet
Devon 15 v tigers 10. Bit scrappy all round with Devon playing a better deep game
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 1st, 2013, 9:38 a.m. Retweet
Tigers 9 v rebel ultimate 13. Grest first half. Little bit stifled in second half.
@TootingTigers   Friday May 31st, 2013, 8:55 p.m. Retweet
Tour 1 starts tomorrow - Tigers play for keeps #UKUT1
@TootingTigers   Sunday May 12th, 2013, 3:43 p.m. Retweet
Just spotted Gary Dixon, friend of the Tooting Tigers, playing for the @SFDogFish #mlultimate. Cool!
@TootingTigers   Wednesday May 8th, 2013, 5:24 p.m. Retweet
Just 24 days to go until the first big tournament of the year. Roar!
@TootingTigers   Wednesday May 8th, 2013, 5:13 p.m. Retweet
Check out this blog covering UK ultimate with contributions from tiger alumnus DP. http://t.co/Rm2KG58QOz
@TootingTigers   Tuesday April 16th, 2013, 3:45 p.m. Retweet
Kit order going in soon. Check your email for details.
@TootingTigers   Sunday April 14th, 2013, 6:06 p.m. Retweet
Tough day with only 10 players and a persistent wind. Good to see what the competition are up to and play some decent ultimate though.
@TootingTigers   Tuesday April 9th, 2013, 5:15 p.m. Retweet
Tigers getting some competitive ultimate on Sunday against some of the usual London suspects. Roar.
@TootingTigers   Thursday March 28th, 2013, 5:22 p.m. Retweet
Some of the tigers are out in paga this weekend. Time is running...
@TootingTigers   Friday March 1st, 2013, 9:37 p.m. Retweet
Take a look at the GB squad's sponsorship plea. Good stuff. http://t.co/RThH8xPSUc
@TootingTigers   Monday February 11th, 2013, 11:39 a.m. Retweet
Training cancelled again. Roll on spring. Hit your 400s
@TootingTigers   Wednesday February 6th, 2013, 9:13 a.m. Retweet
LWL cancelled yet again. We've decided to run a training on Saturday. See emails for details.
@TootingTigers   Monday February 4th, 2013, 12:49 p.m. Retweet
Tonight's session cancelled due to pitch quality.
@TootingTigers   Monday January 21st, 2013, 1:31 p.m. Retweet
Tonight's Tooting Battersea session cancelled. Hit the gym. @londonultimate
@TootingTigers   Friday January 11th, 2013, 11:53 a.m. Retweet
Monday night Tooting sessions at Battersea start on 21 Jan. See here for details http://t.co/JEv5dwWj
@TootingTigers   Saturday January 5th, 2013, 9:12 p.m. Retweet
Winter league cancelled again but the Tigers and Badgers are out for a couple of friendlies against Fire and Burro
@TootingTigers   Tuesday November 20th, 2012, 11:32 a.m. Retweet
First Tigers trial is on Sat 8th December. See message on Britdisc for more info.
@TootingTigers   Saturday November 10th, 2012, 9:05 a.m. Retweet
Reminder that tigers are recruiting for next season - https://t.co/iQI4ZY4D
@TootingTigers   Monday November 5th, 2012, 11:14 a.m. Retweet
We are recruiting new players! See the TT facebook page for more info. First trial 9th Dec.
@TootingTigers   Sunday November 4th, 2012, 8:32 a.m. Retweet
London winter league cancelled due to waterlogged pitches. Time for the badgers to get back underground.
@TootingTigers   Saturday November 3rd, 2012, 7:39 p.m. Retweet
@TootingTigers   Friday November 2nd, 2012, 4:24 p.m. Retweet
Tooting agm was held last night. Watch out for announcements soon on trials. See the Facebook page for more info
@TootingTigers   Sunday September 30th, 2012, 2:35 p.m. Retweet
Congratulations to @IceniUltimate and @CU_Ultimate on their #eucf2012 victories
@TootingTigers   Sunday August 26th, 2012, 8:53 p.m. Retweet
Our record at nationals is now 8th, 7th, 7th and 7th.
@TootingTigers   Sunday August 26th, 2012, 8:47 p.m. Retweet
7th place in the end after beating Devon. Couldn't quite squeeze past Fusion to get the chance of Euros but still a fun weekend.
@TootingTigers   Sunday August 26th, 2012, 11:40 a.m. Retweet
Another shot at fusion but we lost 15 - 11. So close. Back in the 7 / 8 playoff.
@TootingTigers   Sunday August 26th, 2012, 11:37 a.m. Retweet
Great game against kapow with tigers winning 15 - 11
@TootingTigers   Saturday August 25th, 2012, 12:52 p.m. Retweet
A close game against Fusion but lost 15 - 13.
@TootingTigers   Friday August 24th, 2012, 5:48 p.m. Retweet
Big weekend for the Tigers. A Tiger getting married, a bunch of winning to do at Nationals and a whole lot of black and orange to shout out
@TootingTigers   Sunday August 19th, 2012, 7:39 p.m. Retweet
Really muggy training today but great stuff. Nationals just 6 days away with first game against Fusion.
@TootingTigers   Friday August 3rd, 2012, 5:10 p.m. Retweet
Getting right back on the metaphorical horse at London regionals tomorrow.
@TootingTigers   Sunday July 29th, 2012, 4:32 p.m. Retweet
Losses to fusion and Devon and a win against BAF gives us 11 position at tour 3
@TootingTigers   Friday July 27th, 2012, 4:20 p.m. Retweet
Tigers starting our trip to Manchester with a 5th seed. Can't wait to get on the fields.
@TootingTigers   Friday July 13th, 2012, 7:45 a.m. Retweet
Great day for British ultimate. Go GB!
@TootingTigers   Thursday July 12th, 2012, 7:34 p.m. Retweet
Good luck to ex-Tiger Chris Frazer @csfrazer with GB in the semi finals against Sweden tonight. Go GB
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 30th, 2012, 11:38 a.m. Retweet
Good luck to all the GB teams heading out to Japan. Have fun and play hard. #Wugc2012
@TootingTigers   Sunday June 24th, 2012, 9:29 p.m. Retweet
Worked hard today to crack the top 8. Can't wait to go to Manchester and play more hard ultimate.
@TootingTigers   Saturday June 23rd, 2012, 10:11 p.m. Retweet
Windy first day. Lots of zone and a favourable result against fusion pushes us into top 12. Time to step up the play.
@TootingTigers   Friday June 22nd, 2012, 7:15 p.m. Retweet
Tigers spotted stalking up the m1 ready to fight in some tough games in Nottingham tomorrow. ROAR #ukut2
@TootingTigers   Wednesday May 30th, 2012, 7:56 p.m. Retweet
Results so far this season: Copenhagen - 8th. Tour 1 - 18th. Next stop Tour 2 in Notingham