BHH 2016 Pool B

Round 1 Standings
Rank Team Record Avg Goal Diff Swiss Points Avg of Opponents' Swiss Points
1 Light Grey 1 - 0 3.00 14 8
2 Dark Grey 1 - 0 3.00 14 8
3 Dark Blue 1 - 0 2.00 13 9
4 Orange 0 - 1 -2.00 9 13
5 Turquoise 0 - 1 -3.00 8 14
6 Light Yellow 0 - 1 -3.00 8 14

Swiss Format Explanation

This swiss format tournament works by generating each round's matchups based on the results of all of the rounds up to that point. Every team earns swiss points at the completion of every game, and the number of swiss points awarded depends on the point differential of the game. The breakdown for the number of swiss points awarded is:

Swiss Point Allocation
Margin of Victory Swiss Points for Winner Swiss Points for Loser

Teams will be ranked after each round according to swiss points. For teams with the same number of swiss points, the tiebreakers are: most wins, fewest losses, and opponent swiss points (in that order). Average opponent swiss points are calculated by summing the total swiss points scored by all of the previous opponents of a team, and dividing by the number of played games.


How Matchups Within Groups are Generated (Adjacent Pairing)

For this tournament, the system to pair teams for a given round is called Adjacent Pairing. Teams are first ranked based on their number of swiss points and then adjacent teams are matched up. If there are 8 teams ranked 1 through 8, 1 would play 2, 3 would play 4, 5 would play 6, and 7 would play 8.

If any byes are given out, the lowest ranked team will have the bye and will be awarded a certain number of points for that round, determined by the tournament director.

The schedule is adjusted so that no two teams play each other more than once and no team will have more than one bye.