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@hodaglove   Monday October 26th, 2020, 8:54 p.m. Retweet
@BlaCkatUltimate These are just some @FiveUltimateLLC hydro shorts cinched at the neck.
@hodaglove   Wednesday October 21st, 2020, 3:49 p.m. Retweet
Some mind-blowing pumpkin carving courtesy of @noah_nicol 🤯 https://t.co/IsOw33BqgN
@hodaglove   Tuesday October 13th, 2020, 1:27 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: Working from home, two preschoolers running around, I’m telling you: @mgdmitch ain’t got nothing on me. Already correctly rul…
@hodaglove   Monday October 12th, 2020, 3:05 p.m. Retweet
Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, we owe much to them here in Wisconsin
@hodaglove   Monday October 12th, 2020, 7:50 a.m. Retweet
First in-person practice of the year tomorrow. Can’t really sleep. #fris #LetsGo
@hodaglove   Wednesday October 7th, 2020, 7:35 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: And so it’s definitely a plug to come to @UWMadison to play with us. We have a fantastic coaching staff, backing incredibly c…
@hodaglove   Wednesday October 7th, 2020, 7:34 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: A few thoughts on the honor and prospect of being on the coaching staff of @USAUltimateU24 open with @GoaltimateChamp and @da…
@hodaglove   Wednesday October 7th, 2020, 7:34 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: Although it’s my name on the assistant coaching polo, this is really a feather in the cap of @hodaglove THE premier program…
@hodaglove   Wednesday October 7th, 2020, 3:23 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: If it comes to this in the spring, @USAUltimate and @hodaglove I’m ready. #putmeincoach
@hodaglove   Friday October 2nd, 2020, 3:41 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: I would like to share some exciting news @hodaglove @USAUltimateU24 https://t.co/hLQxDJAdey
@hodaglove   Friday October 2nd, 2020, 2:22 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: Maybe the true measure of kindness is not how nice you are to horrible people, but how hard you work for the powerless.
@hodaglove   Thursday October 1st, 2020, 10:16 p.m. Retweet
Anything @cutrules can do, we can do better (except be allowed to practice of course, which we are very jealous abo… https://t.co/R0McSoCSoJ
@hodaglove   Wednesday September 30th, 2020, 3:17 p.m. Retweet
Do you have a proper ID if you choose to vote in person here in Madison? https://t.co/7FStAcd8HU
@hodaglove   Tuesday September 29th, 2020, 4:53 a.m. Retweet
RT @being_ulti: 🏟SCL: Mise en Scène🏟 🥏🏆
@hodaglove   Saturday September 26th, 2020, 5:31 p.m. Retweet
Today until 3pm you can drop your absentee ballots off at nearly any Madison park. Be counted!… https://t.co/6f1cewDsW3
@hodaglove   Wednesday September 23rd, 2020, 7:54 p.m. Retweet
CoacHh is running @being_ulti this week, sharing stories and dropping pearls. https://t.co/cmVm5v9pt9
@hodaglove   Saturday September 12th, 2020, 5:46 p.m. Retweet
Smash that like button if you wanna see some white throwbacks from 25 years ago this season https://t.co/XrVH3kzwo4
@hodaglove   Friday September 4th, 2020, 8:17 p.m. Retweet
Pictures from the program’s first national championship https://t.co/c0qzs0RmZs
@hodaglove   Thursday September 3rd, 2020, 6:58 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: law and order <<<< Equity and Justice
@hodaglove   Wednesday September 2nd, 2020, 4:22 p.m. Retweet
First day of school!!! Much love from the dag house💙😈 stay safe everyone 😷 😷 drop your first day pics f… https://t.co/rrzznXvdux
@hodaglove   Saturday August 29th, 2020, 4:57 a.m. Retweet
RT @chadwickboseman: Lift up/amplify Black voices. Support Black owned businesses. Reach back. Mentor. Take action through causes & orgs li…
@hodaglove   Tuesday August 11th, 2020, 5:23 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: Anyone else step outside when it’s windy and immediately think, “it’s a zone day.”
@hodaglove   Tuesday August 11th, 2020, 5:20 p.m. Retweet
Hey @leobrunette_11 and @lil_dogy_levitt, ‘sup?
@hodaglove   Monday August 10th, 2020, 12:48 a.m. Retweet
Fill out this interest form for the 2020-2021 Hodags!! Unclear of what tryouts will look like :/ but sign up to sta… https://t.co/eLEQuWC1cZ
@hodaglove   Monday August 3rd, 2020, 5:24 p.m. Retweet
RT @ray_kluender: I do recommend logging off and exploring our national parks whenever possible https://t.co/wy4V6OfDsK
@hodaglove   Monday August 3rd, 2020, 5:24 p.m. Retweet
RT @ray_kluender: @nealemahoney @hodaglove HOOOOOOOOOOOODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS Glad I stole that jersey from my little brother at some point…
@hodaglove   Thursday July 30th, 2020, 1:14 a.m. Retweet
To all our friends and opponents out there: stay upbeat, stay sharp, and stay engaged with your peoples. Work towar… https://t.co/DWRHifaOw5
@hodaglove   Thursday July 9th, 2020, 3:27 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: For most of the Ulty community, the answer to whether we’d still play the sport even without fans is answered on a regular ba…
@hodaglove   Monday July 6th, 2020, 6:41 p.m. Retweet
RT @henhousesinger: Watching some live disc-golf and you love to see it. @hodaglove @Ultiworld @UltiworldDG https://t.co/YPtTgSdQL6
@hodaglove   Tuesday June 30th, 2020, 8:42 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: Jacob, this is fantastic, vulnerable, eloquent and elusive. A pleasure and privilege to read, thank you.
@hodaglove   Tuesday June 23rd, 2020, 6:54 a.m. Retweet
RT @camurphy3: @ultimatesascha Just got the same one (except with @hodaglove print on it)! Might be my new favorite shirt.
@hodaglove   Monday June 22nd, 2020, 4:21 a.m. Retweet
Example 1,000,000 of why Patagonia is awesome. Also, please vote. #StopHateForProfit https://t.co/cJyi1we6dR
@hodaglove   Monday June 22nd, 2020, 4:21 a.m. Retweet
RT @SteveKerr: Patagonia IS AWESOME!
@hodaglove   Monday June 22nd, 2020, 4:15 a.m. Retweet
Beyond proud to represent and be sponsored by such a fantastic company. #StopHateForProfit https://t.co/Xochfhgoe3
@hodaglove   Monday June 8th, 2020, 1:23 a.m. Retweet
Saw @NOISEultimate fam, @MadisonRadicals fam, Old Stag fam. @WI_Ultimate, let’s keep showing up! https://t.co/K6uf5Ty8E5
@hodaglove   Monday June 8th, 2020, 1:20 a.m. Retweet
Gotta be there to be felt. It’s time for direct action #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/SQFTtoI5W9
@hodaglove   Saturday June 6th, 2020, 4:34 p.m. Retweet
RT @ektor_jr: Before I knew of stalls and stacks, before a force, there was just a throw, a flight path, a catch. It’s what hooked me. Afte…
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