Denmark Women's National Team

Windmill is like Christmas for the Danes. You gotta go. And you look forward to it for months. This year we are bringing a women's national team that is to some extent based on the team that played EUC2015. But this year we will be adding some talents who have not previously been on a national roster, but none the less are great assets and well known from the club scene. We have also gathered some weapons from the former Master team as Danish ladies don't seem to age or retire. Ever. This mix of young and less young players gives the team a nice glow of love for the game, good spirit and high intensity. And everybody works like h... to make the Danish Kingdom proud. Windmill will be the last tournament before WUGC and we are excited to show how far we have been able to take this team. We will be coached by the playing coach Maya Mileck - a player who needs little to no introduction.

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