Nifty 50

We're unlike any other team. We may not practice together or all live in the same state, but when we're together, we're amazing - both on and off the field. It all started at Ultimate Fiesta Hat (Acapulco) 5 years ago. We played hard. We partied hard. We vowed to see each other again. We reunited at Gender Blender (Ontario) and brought new players into the fold. We played harder, We partied harder. We still couldn't get enough of each other. Soon we submitted bids throughout the United States: Lei Out (California), Wildwood (New Jersey), Surf N Turf (Florida, 3x Spirit Champions), Celebracion (Texas), Sandblast (Illinois), Potlatch (Washington), Hopu Ka Lewa (Hawaii), Trouble in Vegas (Nevada)... Flying from our home states, seeing each other more than our own families.
  • 24 PLAYERS

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