Cosmic Girls

Our team is based in St.Petersburg, Russia. We are current Russian National Championship winners and the winners of last year, too. We have the biggest international experience among all Russian women teams now. Our main achievements are following: On the beach: Russian National team for ECBU'13 was based on Cosmic Girls players. On this tournament Russia took gold medals. Additionally, we have taken part in Paganello since 2008 every year and last year (2013) finished second. On the grass: we are current and regular champions of Northern region (EUCR) and we regularly take part in EUCF. At EUCF'13 we finished fourth. We represented Russia on WUCC 2010 in Prague. We are regular participants of the whole row of different well-known European tournaments: Wonderful Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark), Kick in de Kök (Tallin, Estonia), Windmill Windup (within ABriCos team in 2012 and Russian National mixed team in 2011).

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