Tournament Director FAQ

Why would I use Leaguevine for my tournament?

There are a few main benefits for using Leaguevine at your tournament.

  1. You don't need to worry about score reporting. The players at your tournament become responsible for updating their scores each point on Leaguevine Mobile, and no one ever needs to walk over to Tournament central to update the TDs. Further, you don't need volunteers to handle scoring since all the players do this for you!
  2. Players love it. Instead of guessing who they will play next or wondering how other teams are doing, they know exactly what is going on at all times on all other fields. We've gotten nothing but positive feedback about this concept, and players have been suprisingly eager to provide these detailed updates throughout the weekend.
  3. Fans will get real time updates from your tournament. Leaguevine Mobile and are synced, so as players give in-game updates, people following from home or on their mobile phones can get these updates in real time.

How do I use Leaguevine for my tournament?

To get started and set up Leaguevine for your own tournament you should do the following:

  1. Add your tournament, the teams, the pools, and the brackets to Leaguevine.
  2. Send an email out to all of the team captains, telling them to have at least one of their players give in-game updates every point by going to in their smartphone browser. Leaguevine Mobile is easy to use and takes little to no effort as it only tracks scores.
  3. At the captain's meeting of your tournament, remind captains that they must give in-game updates via smartphone instead of reporting back to tournament central between games. Tell them they will also be able to see all the other teams' in-game updates via This should get them excited about using this new technology throughout the day.
  4. Sit back, relax, and watch the tournament run itself!

What do I tell the teams that attend my tournament?

We have created a template for telling teams and attendees about Leaguevine. You are free to copy and paste any information from here, or tell the teams in your own way.

Templates for what to tell attendees.