Leaguevine Mobile

Leaguevine Mobile aims to make broadcasting and receiving live updates as easy as possible.

Visit m.leaguevine.com

Leaguevine Mobile uses the latest in web technologies so you can simply use the app from your browser without having to download anything. Just visit m.leaguevine.com in your smartphone browser to try it out! If you don't have a smartphone, you can still visit this link in any desktop browser to see what it's like.

Broadcast your team's updates from the sidelines

While building Leaguevine Mobile, we focused a lot of our efforts to make it as easy as possible to submit scores for the games you are at. Our hope is that by making it so easy, you will want to submit updates during every single point of your games. Your friends, family, and fans back home want to know what is happening, so now you can give them this real time information with just a few taps.

Follow the action from anywhere

With Leaguevine Mobile, you can easily view scores, pool standings, bracket results, and Twitter updates right from your smartphone. We've kept the interface tight and simple to make it easy to find what you want in the fewest taps possible. If you're away from your computer and a tournament you want to follow is using Leaguevine, you can get up to the second updates no matter where you are.

Tweet faster and better than ever before

Leaguevine Mobile's settings page gives you the option to log into both your Leaguevine account and your Twitter account. If you are only logged into Leaguevine, then your updates will be broadcast via leaguevine.com and m.leaguevine.com. If you choose to log into Twitter as well, your updates will be broadcast not only to Leaguevine and Leaguevine Mobile, but right to your Twitter status. Leaguevine Mobile will automatically format your update nicely to say something of the form: "Wisconsin 12 - Carleton 10. Big huck to Alter! http://bit.ly/g4MwL1". This way, you do not need to keep typing in the team names every point and can focus instead on providing entertaining commentary.

What this means for Tournament Directors

If you are a tournament director, we make your job during the tournament much easier. There are a few main benefits for using Leaguevine at your tournament. From the faq:

  1. You don't need to worry about score reporting. The players at your tournament become responsible for updating their scores each point on Leaguevine Mobile, and no one ever needs to walk over to Tournament central to update the TDs. Further, you don't need volunteers to handle scoring since all the players do this for you!
  2. Players love it. Instead of guessing who they will play next or wondering how other teams are doing, they know exactly what is going on at all times on all other fields. We've gotten nothing but positive feedback about this concept, and players have been suprisingly eager to provide these detailed updates throughout the weekend.
  3. Ultimate fans will get real time updates from your tournament. Leaguevine Mobile and Leaguevine are synched, so as players give in-game updates, people following from home or on their mobile phones can get these updates in real time.
  4. Extra Publicity. Real-time updates for rec sports is a brand new concept, and participants seem to be eager to check out tournaments that are on the cutting edge of technology
For more information on how to set this up for your tournament, please see our faq.

Extensive smartphone support

Because Leaguevine Mobile is using the very latest web technologies, it may not work on older phones. We have tested it on quite a few different platforms, but we are aware that it will not work on every phone. We're sorry if you have a phone that cannot run this app.

The phones that we expect Leaguevine Mobile to run well on are: iPhone (v. 3 or better), Blackberry (v. 5.0 or better), Android (v. 2.1 or better), Windows Mobile (v. 7.0 and better), Palm Pre, and Palm Pixie. If your phone is newer and better than these phones, then there is a good chance it will run on yours as well. For even more detailed information, see if your phone falls under the "Grade A browser support" in this chart.

Tell us what you think

As with every part of Leaguevine, your feedback is crucial in improving this product. We love to hear your feedback regardless of whether it is positive or negative. It seems most of you prefer to give your feedback via email, and you're always welcome to send any feedback you have to mark@leaguevine.com. However, we would like to encourage you to consider posting your feedback publicly in our feedback forums so everyone else can have a chance to view and comment on what you say. To do this, just go to our feedback page and start some discussions!

Spread the word

We all know the Ultimate community is very closely knit, so odds are you know a player who is a fan of real time updates and Twitter. If you could please forward this onto anyone you think might be into this, we would really appreciate the help. Email is our favorite way to spread the word, but you could also tweet it or facebook share it if you like. Thanks, and happy updating!